The stages of breast Development in Teen Girls

Breast development is one of the body changes that mark the puberty in girls. This write-up is talking about breast development stages in adolescent girls in detail.

Menarche (menstrual cycles early) marks the beginning of puberty in girls. A variety of physical and emotional changes happen during the period of transition from childhood to womenfolk. Typical signs include physical changes of puberty (breast development, pubic hair growth, body odor, etc.) as well as a change in behavior. The minds of young girls that are filled with mixed feelings of fear, sometimes driven by myths, hope and magic of being a woman. Due to changes in the breast was very prominent body changes, the girl around the age of this often ask themselves and others as question-how big will my breasts be? Will I look like this big brother or mother or I will differ.

There are some studies about breast development in girls and they have acknowledged a pattern of growth that has been divided into the following five stages. The following articles can help them find answers to their questions.

Breast Development Stages

Breast development has been divided into five stages. After puberty, it may take eight to ten years for the development of the breasts to be complete. Because it is true with the rest of our body, breasts take several years before they are fully mature. While some changes happen during puberty, full growth can be seen during pregnancy, after the breasts are fully mature and capable of producing milk.

Stage 1 (children less than 10 years)

During this period the child is developing in all fields, but breast development is yet to be seen. Only Brown Areola where there will be one day be full breasts and nipples were fully developed.

Stage 2 (early development ages 8-13)

There are a few different viewpoints to the age at which this stage begins. There are those who say that it started at nine years old, but it is also evident that there are factors (such as obesity, which increases the levels of Leptin, a hormone that is needed to start puberty and breast development) that can bring the early onset of this stage. In this stage the bud develops small breasts in preparation for the growth of the channel. Menarche will begin about four years after this stage.

Stage 3 (Ages 12-14 years)

At this stage of breast buds begin to enlarge. There may be some pain or discomfort.

Stage 4 (Ages 12-15)

At this stage of breast development formed a mound and gradually enlarges. There may be some additional discomfort and pink streaks may appear on the breast, this is just the stretch marks and will fade in time. In addition there may be pain in sight. This is only because the breasts grow and skin grows to accommodate the enlargement of the mound beneath it. The discomfort will pass within about a year or more.

Note: this is a good time to buy a bra to prevent injury. Children need to understand that the bra is more than clothes. Bra breast meant to protect A good during and after growth. The injury was painful enough breasts and tits need to be protected while jogging and other sports. There are some who claim that the very good for someone to wear a bra to bed. It is at the stage of life that a young girl should be taught and make it a habit to do a breast self examination. This is obviously not because cancer is a worry at this point in life. However, because of the possibility of cancer later in life and that it is important for teens to get into the habit of doing things the old exam after each menstrual cycle.

Stage 5 (ages 14-18)

This is the last stage of the breast and is cooked and become full and round. It is about time a woman has realized an estimated size of bra and breasts that she will most likely defend for most of the rest of his life. There will be a factor that would change this, breast size will increase with the second pregnancy and weight gain. In addition if the young women who are overweight at this point in his life, then a dramatic weight reduction course will reduce the amount of fat in the breasts and her bra size will be reduced.

It is also during the last phase of development that the channels in the breast will grow and can generate small bumps. This is nothing to worry about; These usually disappear within several menstrual cycles. Doctors generally don't worry about it unless they last longer than three menstrual cycles.

Most women experience breast pain every month due to cyclical fluctuations