Women's health: I think I look fat

Women have distorted images of their bodies. Why?

Do you think you look fat? I of course sometimes. I guess it depends on what I wear. Although I am not as big as many women around me, I still feel fat. If the doctors think I am overweight? Maybe not. My weight is in a healthy weight range for my height. The same may be true for you, but you probably still fat.

The reason why we women feel like this

The Media. It's almost a cliche to talk about the pictures in the media. Pictures of the woman who is perfect, and the skinny actress overwhelm our senses constantly. No matter whether you are watching television, standing in line at the grocery store, or surfing the web, you are bound to see some half dressed women's bodies ' sexy ' and ' perfect ' with the hourglass shape of the weak. The Media with the size of a big chest, flat stomach and thighs are done on magazine covers, in ads and on the big screen all the time.

The problem is that we can't help but compare myself. We know that we don't look like them, so we told ourselves that we need to lose weight. We all want to look like everyone else. Seriously, how often do you hear a woman say, "I love my body?"

The words of another woman. Have you ever found yourself making negative comments about how other women look? Has anyone ever told you that you look fat? How about, "you have to work more," or somehow made fun of you because of your size? A ton of women more important than men (in General) about weight and body shape. We are in constant competition with each other.

How can we feel better about ourselves?

It is important to understand that the picture we see is hardly a real body of the woman. Highly sophisticated computer imaging, and any imperfections are slightly modified digitally. As far as movies go, you'll be surprised at how camera angles and poses an actress can make them look more svelte than them. It's not real.

Another thing you should consider is that the rich people. They are paid to look a certain way, a certain role, and projecting a certain image. They can afford to eat highest quality, healthy foods that are available. If they gain a few pounds, they can spend thousands on a personal trainer or get operations. They may work long hours for a few weeks or months at a time, but by the millions between paycheck to paycheck, vacation time could be as long as they want. That means they don't work nine to five 340 days a year and can spend time keeping their body is perfect.

Stop trying to compete. You have to be confident in yourself and love yourself. You are unique and You won't look like everyone else. You will always find the best when you enhance Your best features. Be yourself, inside and out. Do not let other people see ways dictate how You should look.

Observe the reality. Go to the Mall or the grocery store during the busy hours. Take a look at all the women. How many of them have a ' perfect ' body that you see on television? You will find that the majority of people do not look like those on television. Go out and actually take the truth that goes perfect body Count If you want. This will help you realize that you're not the only one who is not on the cover of the magazine.

I think everyone should eat healthy foods as much as possible and get your exercise routine. Everyone is healthy, large or small, wonderful for me. Caring for your body will help you to feel interesting. If you begin to love your body, so will everyone else. Emotional health is the key to being beautiful. We must put a stop to the relationship with the thin and beautiful. True beauty has very little to do with your weight or size of the jeans you have on. You should keep your appearance, not trying to make You look like everyone else.