Mild heart attack Symptoms in women

Symptoms of heart attack in women is light most atypical nature, they are difficult to diagnose. Read on to find out more.

A heart attack or acute myocardial infarction is the leading cause of death worldwide. Although, the man considered the main victims, women are not far behind. Every year 265,600 women fall prey to heart attack worldwide. Symptoms of heart attack in women is different in men. Symptoms of a mild heart attack that most women are not typical in nature, making it difficult to diagnose. Although, the chest pain of heart attack symptoms considered to be the most important, it may or may not be present in women. In fact, only about 30% of women experience chest pain as a symptom of a heart attack. There are signs and symptoms that often indicate some occurrence of heart attacks in women.

Symptoms of a Mild heart attack in women

Unfortunately, the signs and symptoms of a mild heart attack in women is largely atypical nature, which means they can not be traced to the positive of a heart attack. Therefore, many women tend to take the signs for something benign like indigestion, gall bladder pain nerves, pinched, and so on.

Chest Pain
Severe chest pain on the left side is one of the prominent symptoms of a mild heart attack. Unfortunately only 30% of women reported chest pain before a heart attack. The severity of chest pain can be mild or intense. Women who reported these symptoms often complain of pain in the chest. This is similar to the feeling of tightness or weight in the chest area. This pain has finally spread to the upper back, shoulders, neck, jaw, etc.

Excessive fatigue is the most common heart attack symptom is mild in women. At least 70% of women who suffer from a mild heart attack, reported these symptoms before a heart attack. Excessive fatigue or unusual often show the occurrence of heart attacks. Therefore, if you experience unusual fatigue like that, for no apparent reason, don't hesitate to contact emergency services.

Digestive disorders
There is a constant feeling of indigestion, acid that does not go away even when you take antacids are. You might mistake it for acid reflux or perhaps the effects of eating too much while eating. Don't ignore these symptoms unless you are sure it is just a common heart burn. Approximately 42% of women experience these symptoms.

Shortness Of Breath
You may struggle and inhale the air if you're going to have a heart attack. Gasping for breath, take a deep breath etc, can be associated with the onset of a mild heart attack. As many as 48% of women experience these symptoms before having a mild stroke.

Other symptoms

Feeling anxious or doom.
Constant nausea or vomiting sensation.
Mild or dizziness.
Sweating profusely with cold, sweaty hands and skin.
Pain in the upper abdominal area.
Pain between shoulder blades.
Pain on the inside of the left arm or the right arm.

Symptoms can appear within minutes or hours before the heart attack. In fact, your body starts to tell me about the Moon's abnormal heart function before the attack. Unfortunately, most of us fail to associate these symptoms with something as serious as a heart attack.

Mild heart attack symptoms are so unpredictably. There was no warning or signs that indicate a heart attack. A woman may be experiencing some of the symptoms above, but the exact nature of the symptoms may be determined only after a proper diagnosis. Therefore, always call or emergency services rushed to the nearby hospital whenever you experience any of the symptoms above. Emergency services have saved the lives of millions of heart patients around the world.