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In the fast life of the day, we often put off marriage, kids and health problems is driven even further as possible, as the issue of financial profits take precedence over all other issues. Often, career is a major concern. It is very difficult to get into someone's choice of career in the first place and to preserve it more difficult. Therefore, when questions about the pregnancy emerged, one immediately Gets a vision of unemployment, which takes the anxiety of fear. There are other problems as well, such as the encouragement of family and physical weakness, which need to be cleaned, before someone can decide to become a mother. Usually one so engrossed with work someone who one easily crosses the age of a healthy pregnancy. However, it doesn't have to be like that, and this is where the important advantages of pre planning pregnancies. Health problems, food, woman's most fertile period, all important considerations must be kept in mind every woman to give birth to a healthy baby.

Keep Your Mind And Body Fit

When the woman is older than 35 years decided to get pregnant, they can have a congenital disorder in the newborn. As one ages, we also catching some form of illness or another. High blood pressure, diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, weakness, pile on the bones and limbs are some of the common diseases of the environment today. In case the mother has any of the above, which are not treated well before getting pregnant, the son of a candidate can have many abnormalities.

Some Common Diseases

Hypertension is common when the twins were born. Older women also have this condition. During the planning stages of pregnancy, well controlled regimen of exercises can deal with hypertension. We have to be very careful in this stage. Constant monitoring is needed under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. You need to keep it free of stress, and in the diet plan remains a check on your weight. A small meditation also helps in curing hypertension. You should also be taking medication that is recommended by a doctor.

Diabetes is a disease that doesn't allow you to shut down and does not allow you to live well. In natural conditions the level of glucose in the blood increases with every intake of food and fluids. The body of the pancreas creates chemical substances called insulin, which neutralizes the levels of sugar in the blood is raised. Under the influence of diabetes, the pancreas stops making insulin and sugar levels continue to rise, affecting the organs of the body. If diabetes is not controlled, you might lose the kidneys, eyes, heart and other organs of your body one by one. Diabetes can be controlled by administering insulin through injections. These conditions need to be in full control in the planning stages of pregnancy that is crippling disease pre baby.

Heart disease is a common concern of physicians around the world today. Especially with the couple who want to become parents at a later stage in their lives, doctors insisted on a complete examination for defects in the valve, rheumatic heart disease, holes in the heart etc After all permissions, consultants decide if you should become parents or not. Older people with heart disease are recommended a break in period total pre-pregnancy planning. Anymiscalculation can cause miscarriage or fetal death is premature.

There are other diseases such as thyroid, lung cancer, which need to be disclosed and discussed in confidence with your consultant. The advice of consultants is the final word in this case, after all the tests in order to consider the competencies has been done. Never, hide the disease, because they can be fatal for both mother and baby or.

Genetic disorders, exposure to radiation and other harmful liquids (such as in a factory), urinary infections and venereal disease are some of the other reasons for the expectant mother to stay on their feet. Always be very sure of your health condition before you try to become a mother.