Women's issues and Rights

Women's issues are something I am very passionate about. This is the spirit and effort to understand the woman appears a little strange and accidental.

Honestly I have never quite understood my mother, step-mother, nor the women I date. But after taking extensive academic training in coaching, listening to the life, Ministry, and I began to understand women's interrogations. My dating, marriage, and divorce also helped teach me things that countless of women.

As a child, my mother was an alcoholic and a drug. I later learned from my father that he has a tendency to go after the "bad boys" used for sex and work havoc in his life. As a child my mother was adopted, which I was told by a HIGH SCHOOL friend was very hurt emotionally. Although he appreciated and adored by my grandfather, Marsha Anne never seemed to find a place of inner security.

As a result he was married and divorced several times, never quite finding happiness. He's always on the run seems to be disturbed and very deep. My mother Marsha was cheerleader, makes it to court, and homecoming graduated with honors in high school. He even finished College after giving birth I-no small achievement.

Unfortunately the inner damage and deaths lead to increased substance abuse, causing mental illness. As a young boy my mother being in one of three places: prison, bars, or mental illness. When I was in fifth grade, I started living with my dad and step-MOM. My step-MOM is my discipline with a heavy heart and hands, may not enjoy me anymore than I do to her.

Since I don't have a sister, I really don't know how to relate to women. Although maternal grandmother bought me everything under the Sun, he was not very communicative. After I entered high school, I was told I had to date and go out with young women. It is a bit problematic because I kinda understood and didn't realize what I am as a human being is to do a date beyond the pursuit of sexual gratification.

Luckily I mature from childhood to manhood when I found my step-MOM who really does love me. Once I began to see the hearts of women, things dramatically shifted and changed in me. I then became pretty women. As a coast guard and fitness coach, I often go out on a date and get to know the woman.

Once it starts to travel the world, I woke up with how many women are oppressed. Male dominance and indifference to religion often motivate the persecution of women globally. I therefore became activists and voters in all 50 States I travel to empower women and give them the same rights as men.

As an author of 10 books and over 500 articles, I am always trying to improve and empower women. Worldwide religious I have make every effort to show people that they can benefit from having women in leadership roles in churches and their communities.

I have always tried to interact with and engage people of different views and perspectives about important women's issues. I really would like to see more women surfaced across the nation in the world and assume the role of prominence and influence.

Politics, international relations, human rights, and issues related to the necessities of life that women are heard. Half of the world's population consists of women. Therefore women should have at least half of the media coverage and public platform as men.

People who are interested in understanding the issues from the perspective of women's news and issues important to women. Women who seeking a feminine voice to ideas and issues related to the days of their lives.

As a Minister and relational coach, I have been privileged to help nurture and empower women in various ways. Working Moms need life balance, personal enjoyment,

professional advancement, and a boost in their health. As a fitness coach I understand the intricacies of the female body and the seasonal fluctuations that occur. Eating disorders have become a big issue as a society trying to shape women into the image of their outward perfection of the body. Domestic violence and verbal abuse is on the rise because the society became increasingly afraid and unsure future.