Acupuncture Can Effectively Treat many Women's Health Issues

Acupuncture is a natural, drug free treatment options are increasingly popular in the Western world. In the West, it is primarily associated with pain relief. However, it is often used to treat a wide range of other health conditions. One of the areas in which it has been proven effective in women's health issues.

Acupuncture is the practice that involves the insertion of very fine, sterile needles into the body at specific points. It is a holistic treatment, intended to treat the body as a whole organism rather than isolating separate parts. From traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective, acupuncture works by restoring the balance of yin and yang in the body, and enhance or improve the flow of Qi (energy) by removing blockages that can cause all kinds of pain and disease, including many health issues specific to women.

Many practitioners of the ancient art as well as their patients claim that this treatment can successfully reduce or alleviate problems such as irregular menstruation or weight, menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), uterine fibroids, and even problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis and infertility problems. Acupuncture using techniques considered help regulate the ovarian cycle, stimulates egg production, increasing the balance of hormones and even increase blood flow to the uterus.

A study in Germany, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2008 shows that the majority of women who had acupuncture for menstrual cramps, feeling uncomfortable and ill see at least a 33 percent decrease in the level of their pain compared with women who did not receive treatment. In addition, a study of Denmark found that women who received acupuncture had a significantly higher rate of pregnancy versus control group who did not receive this treatment.

More general studies, many have pointed out that acupuncture stimulates the body to produce natural steroids and the release of endorphins, which help reduce the inflammation and pain. All practitioners agree that their technique enhances the mind and the body's ability to heal itself, and women's issues is not the exception to the rule.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners often use herbs as well as diet, exercise and lifestyle advice in conjunction with acupuncture treatments to get better results. Also, it is not uncommon for acupuncture to work used as a complementary therapy along with more "mainstream" fertility and women's health care options. In fact, some acupuncture has a spacious school in both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, which can help them better integrate different types of treatments for maximum efficiency.

Women's Health

All of you are very familiar with the saying that "health is wealth". It is applied to all individuals regardless of their age, gender, social status and health etc was a very important issue for all individuals. And when it comes to women's health, there are many questions to be asked.

There are a lot of issues when we talk about women's health, out of those important issues were most often experienced by all women discussed here.


Every woman experiencing menopause natural phenomenon. Menopause is a natural process where there is a permanent cessation of the menstrual cycle and normal function of reproduction. Most women undergo this stage after 40 years of life but the normal age range is between 45-55 years old.


This is the permanent end of the menstrual cycle due to normal changes in the reproductive system and hormones of the body. Natural Menopause in women is described in three stages;

Perimenopause begins several years before menopause because it reduces the secretion of sex hormones of the female reproductive organs. The second stage is the actual menopause, in which reproductive organs really stop the release of gametes and the secretion of female hormones. It is diagnosed when there is no menstruation for about 12 months. And the last stage is the post-menopause years after menopause, where signs of menopause go but there is a risk of health problems.


In this case there is surgical removal of reproductive organs and women practice the signs and symptoms of menopause.

CANCER chemotherapy and radition THERAPY:

When the woman took the treatment of cancer located near the reproductive organs can also lead to menopause. In this case, menopause symptoms begin during treatment or following treatment.


Most of the symptoms of menopause is that it lacks female sex hormones, these symptoms include hot flashes, the rate of increase in pulse, depression, anxiety, mood swing, sleep disorders, breaking bones, joint pain and back, the skin wrinkles and thins.


Osteoporosis is a bone disorder that is weakening the bone so that the high risk of breaking. Broken bones are known as broken bones and most often occurs in the hip, wrist and spine. (6) usually appear after menopause in which there is a reduction in female sex hormones that are involved in bone formation.


There is no single cause for osteoporosis, but risk factors can play an important role in the breakdown of bone. These include;

AGING: the risk of fracture increases with age.
FAMILY HISTORY of BONE PROBLEMS: particularly if the mother had a hip fracture.
LOW CALCIUM INTAKE: since calcium plays an important role in the formation of bones

Calcium deficiencies can be addressed by taking supplements.
EXCESSIVE INTAKE of ALCOHOL and caffeine: i.e. 2 drinks per day and more than 4 cups of coffee, tea and soft drinks.
PREMATURE MENOPAUSE: i.e. before age 40.
REDUCE WEIGHT: less than 125 pounds.

Usually women do not know that she has osteoporosis until a fracture occurs, but some of the symptoms of back pain, gradual reduction in altitude is accompanied by posture bowing and fractures of the wrist, hip and backbone.

Fractures due to osteoporosis are very painful and take months to fix. In many conditions, pain disappears when healing is complete. If the pain continues after healing it is referred to as chronic pain and due to a fracture of the spine. What ever the cause of this pain but the feeling of disorder, anger and fear make it more intense.


Heart problems infrequent in women before menopause who do not have high blood pressure, diabetes and excessive fat in the blood compared to man.Menopause occurs As the risk of heart problems is becoming similar to that of men.

It has been proven that the shortage of female sex hormones may increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders. Because of the lack of this hormone, balancing a normal good and bad cholesterol levels and blood flow is compromised which resulted in heart problems in women after the menopause.

Generally there is an increased likelihood of chest pain and heart attacks due to the thickening of the walls of the vessels due to the deposition of fat and the formation of blood clots and narrowing of the blood vessels and a reduction in blood flow to the heart.

To reduce the symptoms of menopause hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an effective treatment. In addition to this, certain herbs and dietary supplements such as alfalfa, soybeans, flax seed oil and olive oil helps in improving the symptoms of menopause.

Women's issues and Rights

Women's issues are something I am very passionate about. This is the spirit and effort to understand the woman appears a little strange and accidental.

Honestly I have never quite understood my mother, step-mother, nor the women I date. But after taking extensive academic training in coaching, listening to the life, Ministry, and I began to understand women's interrogations. My dating, marriage, and divorce also helped teach me things that countless of women.

As a child, my mother was an alcoholic and a drug. I later learned from my father that he has a tendency to go after the "bad boys" used for sex and work havoc in his life. As a child my mother was adopted, which I was told by a HIGH SCHOOL friend was very hurt emotionally. Although he appreciated and adored by my grandfather, Marsha Anne never seemed to find a place of inner security.

As a result he was married and divorced several times, never quite finding happiness. He's always on the run seems to be disturbed and very deep. My mother Marsha was cheerleader, makes it to court, and homecoming graduated with honors in high school. He even finished College after giving birth I-no small achievement.

Unfortunately the inner damage and deaths lead to increased substance abuse, causing mental illness. As a young boy my mother being in one of three places: prison, bars, or mental illness. When I was in fifth grade, I started living with my dad and step-MOM. My step-MOM is my discipline with a heavy heart and hands, may not enjoy me anymore than I do to her.

Since I don't have a sister, I really don't know how to relate to women. Although maternal grandmother bought me everything under the Sun, he was not very communicative. After I entered high school, I was told I had to date and go out with young women. It is a bit problematic because I kinda understood and didn't realize what I am as a human being is to do a date beyond the pursuit of sexual gratification.

Luckily I mature from childhood to manhood when I found my step-MOM who really does love me. Once I began to see the hearts of women, things dramatically shifted and changed in me. I then became pretty women. As a coast guard and fitness coach, I often go out on a date and get to know the woman.

Once it starts to travel the world, I woke up with how many women are oppressed. Male dominance and indifference to religion often motivate the persecution of women globally. I therefore became activists and voters in all 50 States I travel to empower women and give them the same rights as men.

As an author of 10 books and over 500 articles, I am always trying to improve and empower women. Worldwide religious I have make every effort to show people that they can benefit from having women in leadership roles in churches and their communities.

I have always tried to interact with and engage people of different views and perspectives about important women's issues. I really would like to see more women surfaced across the nation in the world and assume the role of prominence and influence.

Politics, international relations, human rights, and issues related to the necessities of life that women are heard. Half of the world's population consists of women. Therefore women should have at least half of the media coverage and public platform as men.

People who are interested in understanding the issues from the perspective of women's news and issues important to women. Women who seeking a feminine voice to ideas and issues related to the days of their lives.

As a Minister and relational coach, I have been privileged to help nurture and empower women in various ways. Working Moms need life balance, personal enjoyment,

professional advancement, and a boost in their health. As a fitness coach I understand the intricacies of the female body and the seasonal fluctuations that occur. Eating disorders have become a big issue as a society trying to shape women into the image of their outward perfection of the body. Domestic violence and verbal abuse is on the rise because the society became increasingly afraid and unsure future.

Women's Health Issues

It is important to recognize that there are certain womens health issues that don't affect men, and it is important to learn what they are and how to treat them. Although there are many diseases and conditions that both male and female share, there are some who encountered by women themselves, as men with prostate problems.

Doctors are faced with the question of womens health every day, and it's up to them to decide what is the best solution for their patients. Most medical professionals advocate the OTC and prescription drugs, but a growing number have suggested natural treatments for womens health issues.

Some women-specific issues are the most common health is PMS, menopause, and fertility. This is all related to the production of hormones, which can be balanced in a variety of ways. There are prescription medications that can help regulate hormone levels as well as help fight inflammation and other symptoms of PMS. There are pills that can help relieve night sweats and help maintain bone density in women going through menopause. There is also a fertility drug that can help increase the chances of conception.

Unfortunately, the information available is limited to health womens, and most people believed that the drugs prescribed are the only way to go to cure a problem health womens. The fact is, there is an alternative, and this alternative is becoming more popular as women learn more about them.

There are natural treatments that can effectively treat PMS, menopause and infertility, sometimes produce better results than the alternative pharmacy. New research is emerging indicating that the herbs such as black cohosh, wild Yam, dong quai, red clover and others offer solutions, secure effective for PMS, menopause and other health issues facing women. Herbal extracts are often combined with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to produce therapeutic benefits.

Much womens health question involves safety, and the good news is the herbal supplement has been proven to be much safer than their pharmaceutical counterparts, with minimal side effects with the recommended dose. Of course it is important to purchase high-quality supplements from a reputable company, because there is always a product on the market that do not contain what they claim.

Health Issues For Young Women, Most Of

In medical treatment and Western philosophy and statistics always have some tie to each other, to the paradox of both generalize the patient and both are determined by numerical analysis that makes it easy. To develop the illness, people are divided by gender, then by age, and later by the demographics of the group even more, all in an effort to find out the more likely. Whether or not the drug will effectively from the population, it would be useful at the same time on a fairly large size. With the different parts of each segment of society do reliably measures showed analysis and medical studies. Womens ' health issues especially around the age of is one of these groupings may be. Womens ' health issues are among the most prominent in these age groups, counting between i.e. stress, believe it or not.

Tend to stress triggers vary widely from person to person, but that can be considered regardless, common, and there are several causes of demographic. In this age group, women can all bear the family life, professional career, upbringing and social pressure. For cultural and social role was expected, because the women juggle all is never easy on anyone, debate will put pressure on the victim's emotional "family of career" internal, most people believe about it. Compared with other age groups women, statistically speaking, especially in recent years as they are more vulnerable to stress. In this age group, conditions such as depression and anxiety have also been noted as possibly outcrops stress as a womens health issues '. Not specific to women, women in the age between 25 and 40-typically, but States that the forms of mood disorders and anxiety that occurs, such as postpartum depression. On the behavior of women, one factor believed between the perception of the culture and how the contrast and compare with drive and career to contribute to the prevalence of emerging from this issue will be a balance.

For example, among the corporate elite, cries and tears are often regarded as a weakness, so the women to suppress the natural emotional reactions are often trying to fight to get a position of power in the business world. To relieve a good amount of tension and stress in women, in moderation and when proper science and medicine the country both in tears and the release of tears. In the same situation, it is similar in theory to how "therapy" hitting things is for men. Because it no longer has the strength and resilience of youth, especially skin care has also become a major concern for the 25 to 40 age group in particular. Comparison of adult skin against external influences that it is a little honesty recognized that teens are far more resilient skin, as well as become more thin skinned for a cure at this time. As a career or family time worries began to also contribute to a lower level of skin care during this age to take greater priority over appearances. Without the investment of time, there are a variety of ways that a woman can keep the overall health of their skin, make sure that the skin damage is not a major concern at a later date.

Women's health and Wellness Tips

Those factors could include the family, the relationship he-spiritual values and the environment it works. In addition to this he is also influenced by its position in the community. The reason why women's health is different from men's health is due to the fact that women react differently to the disease.

The key to improving the health of a woman lies in understanding the factors that affected it. The emphasis should be on preventive health and engage in education about how best to have a healthy lifestyle.

In the past, life is very difficult for women. The ability to talk openly about difficult issues especially relative to reproduction. The community at that time less open and there is an underlying fear of how a woman is seen. Many women become mothers and wives at a very young age. There are many pregnancy a few who want to and others who do not.

Back then gave birth to itself is challenging and many women died during childbirth.

This has changed dramatically, this of course depends on where you live in the world. Women today ' health problems much more open and easily covered.

There is plenty of information out there that can provide an enriching learning experience where each individual can benefit from a greater understanding of the issues involved.

There is so much information available about the health problems of women who now book store room shelf devoted to the subject. Currently women can be proud of the fact that information, dialogue and discussion of reproductive disorders that is freely available.

In the Western world, access to information and the freedom to choose is very important and yet despite all of this information available there are a few topics that still remain in the shadows and without this information the specific options remain limited.

Diet information is very important for women to be. Women have particular nutritive requirements relative to biochemistry. Optimal health is directly affected by the nutrients provided by fat and protein. For example, fat soluble vitamins are very important when it comes to nourishing the endocrine system and reproductive organs.

How Can Physiotherapy Help Women's Health Issues

Women's health covers a broad spectrum of issues that can be treated with physiotherapy. From pregnancy back pain to incontinence problems faced by older women, physiotherapy can help.

Urinary bladder is a problem for 13 million Americans on any given day. Although some people have this problem, it is present in much greater numbers in the field of women's health.

There are several types of incontinence. Stress incontinence occurs mainly when coughing or sneezing. Urge incontinence causes people to have sudden urges to use the toilet. This may be due to a prolapsed organs, such as the uterus tilts, which also can cause sexual dysfunction.

Women's health physiotherapy may help improve this condition.
Physiotherapists who work in the field of women's health can fix almost 70% of urinary problems. Primary practice called kegel. This is a very specific exercise, and most often need specific instructions, and it takes a biofeedback for many people to get it right.

Many female health problems can be traced to the floor of the pelvis. Kegel exercises are specifically discussing this part of the anatomy. There are other therapies that are effective as well. Electrical stimulation is just one of the methods used. Soft tissue manipulation is another treatment that has had good results.

Pelvic pain affects the health and well-being of many women. This may be caused by a variety of sources. This can be due to vulvodynia or abdominal surgery, for example. Pelvic pain can also result from a fall, especially if the tailbone has been damaged. This condition can cause long-term limitation of physical activity which leads to a decrease in the overall psychological health of women. Physiotherapy offers a range of treatments to help with this problem.

Another very important area in which the physiotherapy plays an important role in the health of women during pregnancy is. Women who are pregnant their bodies will be realized through a variety of changes that can be painful. Lower back pain is just one of them.

Physiotherapy can help with this. A gentle exercise can be taught to relieve tension in the back. One of the simple but very effective exercise is lying on the floor with the knees and pressing your lower back into the floor. It gives a feeling of relief. There are other exercises to strengthen your back woman. However, it is important to be under specific instructions a physiotherapist and a watchful eye to make sure exercise is appropriate for different stages and discomforts of pregnancy. Women's health is very important today, and so is the baby.