Stress Incontinence in women

Women's stress incontinence is one of the most common type of incontinence that affect women. Read more about it here.

Thousands of women have urinary incontinence (UI), or the forced evacuation of urine. While for some women it may just be a few drops when coughing or walking, others may experience a sudden impulse and strong to urinate prior to eliminating a large amount of urine. Both symptoms can occur in many women. Effects of incontinence can range from mild to be totally debilitating. Many women refrain from joining in the activities with their friends and family in fear of making a fool of themselves publicly.

What Is Stress Incontinence?

There are many types of urinary incontinence, and stress are the most common among them. Stress incontinence happens when urine leaks when the stress of the sudden addition or pressure placed on the bladder. Leakage of urine occur due to urethral and pelvic floor muscles are not able to withstand the extra pressure. There is the development of urinary incontinence due to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. While most of the time it's just a few drops of urine, but sometimes it is quite a large amount of urine can be evacuated.

Stress incontinence Urine loss due to happen most when an individual suffers from laughing, coughing or exercise, which involved running or jumping.

Causes Of Incontinence

Women's stress incontinence occurs largely due to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn is generally due to childbirth. Pelvic floor muscles are those which occur below the rectum and bladder. Women who have had children are more susceptible to stress incontinence. It also occurs more often because of advanced age because the muscles are weak, especially after menopause. Women who are overweight are usually too prone to stress incontinence.

Treatment Options

Usually, the treatment first involves strengthening the pelvic floor muscles by doing pelvic floor exercises. Almost six out of ten cases of female stress urinary incontinence can be improved or cured by this treatment.

In some cases, in addition to exercise, medications may also be recommended. And in the case of other treatments did not provide the results and if the problem persists, then the operation may also be recommended.

Strengthening the pelvic Floor Exercises

First of all, the correct muscles to do. You may be referred to a physiotherapist or a continence Adviser by your doctor to get advice on how to do the exercises.

Here's how you do a pelvic floor exercises:

Start by sitting on the seat keeping your knees slightly apart. Then squeeze the muscle just above the entrance to anus '. When you hit it you will feel some movement in it. Try not to move your legs or buttocks.
Next, try to imagine as if you were urinating and try to stop the flow. In this exercise you will use a slightly different part of the pelvic floor muscles as compared to previous practice. In this case, you will be strengthening the muscles in the direction of the front.

These exercises should be done every day. After a few weeks, you'll find the pelvic floor muscles become stronger. Although it will take approximately 8-20 weeks for most of the repairs to take place, after which time you can find yourself cured of incontinence stress. It is recommended to keep doing this exercise for the rest of your life.

Remedy for Curing Stress Incontinence in women

Duloxetine is a drug used to treat depression. However, it was found that it is also effective against stress incontinence. It works by interfering with the effects of certain chemicals that assist in the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, which produce various in helping the muscles surrounding the urethra contract stronger.

According to a recent study, it was pointed out that in six out of ten women who were given a prescription of duloxetine, an incident evacuation of urine which is halved compared to the time before they took the drug. Therefore, although the duloxetine itself cannot cure the problem, but may be helpful in reducing conditions to a certain extent. But if duloxetine combined with pelvic muscle strengthening exercises, will probably have a higher chance of curing stress incontinence.

Surgery to Treat Stress urinary incontinence of women

There are several surgical methods for treating stress urinary incontinence. Surgery is usually recommended when a treatment referred to above does not help. Surgical methods used to support the structure and muscle toning or under the bladder. The method of surgery is usually successful in curing

Gynecology women's health issues

The female body has been made to bear the brunt of reproduction, and this process is not so simple. Most health problems that women face is a gynaecologist, IE, anything to do with their reproductive organs. Here are some insights on some of the major gynecological problems which may be faced by women.

Women of reproductive age in life starts with menstruation, which suggests that the reproductive system has started to malfunction and she can now give birth to a child. However, the process is so complicated and relies on a smaller process so much so that a number of problems can cause gynecological health. Here we will see the most common problems that some women in their reproductive age to worry about.

The most common gynecological problems for women right from puberty until menopause is that menstrual pain, and in some cases, the PMS. Together they can create chaos for the better part of a woman's monthly ovulation cycle. PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome, is the pain and discomfort that began about a week before the actual bleeding begins. This also manifests itself in the retention of water, stress, irritability and sometimes, acne pimples or just. About started bleeding time, the syndrome is replaced by stomach discomfort, or in some cases, the pain instantly. This is a condition known as dysmenorrhea. Studies show that almost 60% of women suffer from this condition, and in all good faith, it is not a disease, but, this is a problem that creates a problem for a few days each month in the life of a woman. The only way out is to take a painkiller or homegrown methods more like hot water bottle.

Gynaecological problems


Endometrial tissue is tissue that lines the inside of the uterus, so that it is ready to carry the baby. In some cases this network began to grow outside the uterus and interfere with the functioning of other organs. This usually happens in the pelvic area, and the growth is usually in the network at the lower abdomen, ovary, fallopian and even on your bladder. Sometimes in rare cases, reaching to the wall of the rectum and colon. In fact affect all the organs in the lower abdomen. The network grew out of behaving similar to the tissue that grows in the womb, and sometimes even seeping blood during menstrual cycle. This can cover the ovaries and fallopian tubes blocking, and often form the large chocolate cyst called a cyst which contains Gore mixed with some tissues. The most logical reason for this condition is that sometimes a little menstrual fluid found his way up into the fallopian tubes rather than running out of the ground in the vagina. Technically endometriosis occurs due to failure of the immune system that fails to identify a foreign network that grew out of the organ and destroy it.

In most cases women at high risk are people who have abnormal bleeding, a normal cycle or a history of genetic disorders.

The most important symptom of this disorder is pelvic pain, painful menstruation, menstrual spotting before starting the actual, in some cases, blood in the stool or urine, back pain and sometimes even a miscarriage. Without treatment, endometriosis can last up to menopause, when hormone levels drop automatically take care of the island's growth. Or else, if diagnosed, there may be treatment on many levels. For pain management, pain medication may be used, sometimes in combination with hormones to restrict or totally eliminate extra chain. Sometimes the doctor may suggest surgery especially if additional growth that interferes with the functioning of other organs.


Almost a third of women over 35 worldwide suffering from fibroids. Fibroids are pink lumps in the womb, starting from few cms to several inches in diameter. It was not malignant, but it can disrupt a woman's fertility. No one knows why they occur, it can be caused by several hormones play.

Most women can't know they have fibroids because it does not really exist a typical symptoms. However, some women complain of painful menstruation and heavy with some spotting between periods as well. Sometimes a woman complaining of lower back pain or swollen stomach and in most cases recurrent motivates doctors to check for fibroids. Can then be detected using ultrasound or pelvic physical way to see into the uterus, such as histerosalpingogram.

Fibroids can be removed by surgery but can also grow back, ka

Low Progesterone

Read on to know more about the effects, causes and treatment methods that are available for a low level of progesterone in your body.

Progesterone, a steroid hormone is recognized as an important women's hormones. Progesterone is associated with the Word ' Gestare ' is the Latin word that means ' to bear or carry '. This in itself shows the importance of this hormone in a fertile environment provides for the conception and development of sustainable from the embryo. Progesterone is made by the ovaries during ovulation.

It is also produced by the adrenal glands in small amounts. It is produced in the body with the help of steroid hormone pregnenolon and in turn helps in the production of most of the other steroid hormone such as cortisol, estrogen and testosterone. In the body of the woman, the most important role of the hormone progesterone is to counter the effects of estrogen and help provide the environment for a successful pregnancy and a healthy pregnancy.

Progesterone and fertility
Progesterone assists in reproduction by stimulating the uterus changes and also supports pregnancy by improving blood vessels and tissue development in layers in which embryos will stick. The eggs are attached to the uterus after being released from the ovary. At its conception, the egg along with the sperm to form embryos. Progesterone is a hormone that is delaying the shedding of the endometrium lining where the implantation of the embryo occurs.

If there is a significant decline in progesterone levels during the first few weeks of pregnancy, it can cause a miscarriage. However, in cases of women who want to delay pregnancy, high doses of progesterone injections prescribed that help in preventing ovulation. It also makes the mucus present in the reproduction of low thickness making it hard for sperm to reach the fallopian tubes through the cervix and uterus.

The Cause Of
There may be a lot of possibilities that can cause progesterone levels drop. Some of the factors that stand out are:

There can be a dominance of estrogen. This condition can occur if someone is exposed to any hormonal environment that behave like estrogen or in the case of liver dysfunction
Resistance to insulin is present in the body
Chronic stress
A Diet rich in sugar or not enough nutrients
Lack of exercise

The Symptoms Of
There are symptoms of too much progesterone is low for counting. The following are some of the signs of the most prominent of the progesterone is low:

Breast Fibrokistik
Weight loss
Gall bladder disease
Low Blood Sugar
Panic attacks
Water retention
Mood swings
Pain during sexual intercourse
Irregular menstrual cycle
Blood clots during menstruation
Magnesium Deficiency
Dry Vagina
Breast pain
Low sex
Frequent menstruation
Memory loss

To detect low progesterone in the body, the following 3 methods can be used:

By mapping the fertility cycle.
A blood test after ovulation has occurred.
A short luteal phase (is a period that starts at ovulation and ends on the day before the next period) which lasts less than 10 days also showed low levels of progesterone.

When getting tested for Low Progesterone?
You may be advised to have Your progesterone levels were measured for the following conditions:

Progesterone levels tested to monitor the health of the fetus and placenta during pregnancy high risk
To detect ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage is threatened.
It is used to determine if ovulation has occurred after drug therapy has been conducted to detect pregnancy.
To measure the effectiveness of progesterone injections are given to a woman to retain her pregnancy.
This level is used to understand about why a woman who is not pregnant uterine bleeding of abnormal experience.
To determine as to why a woman cannot get pregnant, it is these tests help you understand if the woman is Ovulating normally

The Treatment Of
If you have low progesterone then you can supplement such as capsules, injections and progesterone vaginal suppositories. A number of over the counter progesterone creams and ' natural products, which are available. Have observed that this product has more or less effective in treating hot flashes, improves sexual desire and to prevent osteoporosis. Menopause Society of America, American College of Obstetricians and gynecologists are almost all have warned against the use of these compounds as there are no proven benefits so far and the risk has not been analyzed. If you need to take progesterone externally, then it is always recommended that you do so under the supervision of carefully trained doctors.

I hope that this article has helped all women understand their bodies better. I for one attribute all the changes my mood during the menstrual cycle

Women With Muscles!

A Sneak Preview on the change trend of women's health! This is a rare sight to see the muscles that hold the dumbbell bent to be that of a woman! I mean women can visit Gyms to lose weight, get rid of the fat bye-bye, tried to burn the extra calories out, thanks to middle age fat specifically smiling through his love-handles, but the weights are a rare sight.

A Rare Sight!
This is a rare sight to see the muscles that hold the dumbbell bent to be that of a woman! I mean, women can visit the gym to lose weight, get rid of the fat bye-bye, tried to burn the extra calories out, thanks to middle age fat specifically smiling through his love-handles, but the weights are a rare sight. Well, not anymore! Time sure has changed. When you change channels to watch something better on TV, nine times out of ten, women dominate the landscape. Be it the WWE women's title, (the men appreciate, and for obvious reasons to get a better knowledge about the battle, or create a WWE!!) The latest ads for women's exercise in coordination with other people on the beach .... Fitness Beach anyone!

A New Beginning
What used to be the coziest corner of our grandmother's love and compassion has now fine-tuned her into well defined triceps and biceps. Initially, when bra burning is a branch of the liberation of women, many men (read as a male-dominated society) was disappointed, it is not uncommon to notice that the skin shows off dresses bore off (or one arm in this case) belongs to become one of the main clue to certain Weightlifters. Women, in short has arrived! Both were single mothers, or career-oriented women, or they belong to the world of glamour, the woman seems to have made the view very appetizing! So much for pot-bellied those cons-part!

Role models
It certainly makes for a fun picture to see the increasing number of women in the gym, compared with men, what with Madonna, Serena Williams, Jodie Foster and their relatives to make their marks, and setting an example for all of us to follow. Well, believe it or not, sure does look sexy! Or at least we are sure are showing off our stuff to the maximum. So while the company make replacement feeding supplements them, they also need to keep in mind the dietary regime women, mood swings and all the factors that make her femininity intact and has not been helped in developing the curls. Oddly enough the curls have a new definition, one that has the effect of a dumbbell barbell and fused into one, to complete the picture. One survey even mentioned that women with biceps sure gives a complex increased for most men, initially frowned and then amazed at the effect of women can achieve.

A Unique Image
Of course, there is another school of thought still prefer the delicate, fragile (read as the handle-with-care type female) women that men will swear by, but then the day when each have a mind of their own, it's a matter of one each for herself or himself ' he '? What started out as a target the stomach wash boards, post-pregnancy, it's only a matter of time that we move on to the other limb scoring point during dark sex! But I'll tell you what, and here's the juicy part! It certainly was a pleasure to get out of the wok. Why you might ask? Well, there are a few reasons ... for beginners will activate your senses, not to mention the endorphins. In addition, I can say from personal experience that works on problem areas especially your body, make a world of difference for you ... Ahem! Upper limb! But of course we women, never had a chance to prove ourselves before this, but then it sure is fun to see thrive, what?! In addition, the mantra for this day is to stay fit, right! So, while you look great and feel great, muscles developed, to a certain extent can also give you extra ego boost.

Lactation without Pregnancy

Increased prolactin levels, loss of conception, sucking the nipples on a regular basis, certain drugs and various seasonings can induce lactation without pregnancy.

Lactation is defined as a period of milk production and secretion of milk from the mammary glands to deliver the baby. The usual time for breastfeeding postpartum happening is, that is, after the birth. During pregnancy, the level of female hormones such as progesterone and estrogen is high in the body of pregnant women.

Immediately after birth, the levels of progesterone and estrogen and other hormone levels drop, called prolactin increased. Prolactin is a hormone that is responsible for encouraging and maintaining lactation. High levels of prolactin signaling the brain to stimulate milk production in the mother's breast. During the first few days, viscous liquids, which are very rich in nutrients, is formed. Viscous fluid known as colostrum. Colostrum provides all the nutrients needed by the new-born. It is also very rich and therefore strengthen the immunity imunoglobulin baby.

Pregnancy and lactation are related to each other. Lactation is something that is needed, and therefore expected only after giving birth. However, "lactation after pregnancy" is not the case always. There are many reported cases in which the pregnancy without happening. lactation Onset before pregnancy is definitely worrying a lot and may appear surprising. However, it is not dangerous. This can occur at any age, women are infertile. The usual age is between 16-40 years. There can be some of the causes behind it, which is discussed below.

Cause Lactation Without Pregnancy

Hormonal changes
There are various stages in the life cycle of a woman, in which hormonal levels change occurring. The body responds to these changes in many ways. One of the ways they can breastfeed without pregnancy. As has been said, the hormone responsible for lactation prolactin. Your breasts can begin to breastfeed if the amount of prolactin increase beyond the ordinary.

In some women, miscarriages can also cause lactation without pregnancy. This miscarriage back followed by certain hormonal changes, or you can say the imbalance, which can eventually lead to breast feeding. At times, the miscarriage happened unawares. You think of it as a period of painful with heavy bleeding, and not realize that it was really missing the conception. In such situations, the reason behind breastfeeding remains unexplained. It is recommended that you see your doctor about unusual experiences.

Nipple Stimulation
The breasts are parts of the reproductive system and should play their role after the birth. But the breast was working on the stimulus. If the nipples are sucked up regularly, your brain is taking the movement as signals to start sucking milk production. As a result, the milk in your breasts produce milk. Many of the women, who did not intend to become pregnant but want to breastfeed a baby, take advantage of this fact and lactate to nurse their adopted son. It also helps them in forming a special bond with their children, that there are only between mother and her baby. It is observed that sucked the nipple for about 20 minutes, eight to ten times a day, for a period of at least three weeks can stimulate lactation. But sucking movements should be the same with the baby. You can do this either with your own hands or it can take the help of Your nursing partner.

There are certain drugs that are recommended in lactation and pregnancy such as Reglan, sulpiride and Domperidone that can stimulate lactation. They block the dopamine and increases the level of prolactin. Prolactin increases, in turn, produce lactation. The absorption of this drug is often recommended when nursing mothers are not enough to feed her baby.

Intake of certain herbs can induce lactation, even without pregnancy. Fennel, fenugreek, fennel, rue cumin seeds, blessed thistle, goats and hop are some examples are common. Therefore, it is important to take this herb in the recommended amounts.

Whereas, lactation without pregnancy is not harmful and benign, you should not accept it casual, especially when the reason is unknown. Consult a medical professional to find out the cause and required medical treatment.